Our groups are pretty diverse in many ways, but we have decided on the one thing that brings us together; at some point we have decided the idea of riding Royal Enfields through remote parts of India should be more than an idea and we followed through.

Why is perhaps the more pertinent question? For just as many people there are just as many reasons. Sure the idea might have been produced by a friend but ultimately we have our own reasons for being here. From the challenge of marking a fork in the road of a life to building a bridge to someone or riding with a few too rarely seen mates to just wanting to see India on the best way to travel..a Royal Enfield.

The thing our customers (and crew) have in common is in the acceptance of challenge with the knowledge it will take us off our own maps. The maps of our lives that we all become familiar with. We know that in order to find amazing things we need to travel to places that we haven?t had charted out in our mind.

Adventure doesn’t come with the absolute knowing that we can even do some of the things we do, and yet we do.

Life comes with its very own variety of potholed roads, of obstacles regardless if they be manic Indian bus drivers or in more animal form of monkeys, cows, dogs, pigs, buffalo etc. Life doesn’t always have a hot shower waiting at the end of the day or the comfort of any of the familiar things we think define us. Sometimes it is shared by strangers, or friends or stranger friends and sometimes life just simply stuns us either with its beauty or injustice.

We’re not always going to understand it all but we’re willing to roll with it all and see where it takes us and that is the thing we all have in common that brings us together. It will lead to life, but not as we know it.

You can do this, we’ve got your back because you’re not just our kind of people, you are our people. We’re Nevermind Adventure.