This short video really captures what adventure really means. It feels like a movie preview of my life. Real adventure is all about discovering the most beautiful places and cultures in the world, not driving the latest Jeep Cherokee or sipping cocktails in some Balinese resort. Adventure is about having the courage to visit far away places and experience freedom that sadly most people will never know about because they have been distracted. Distracted by fancy cars, the next cruise ship holiday, the latest “reality” TV series, real estate prices or retirement funds. Putting off living now so that at 65 they can relax and enjoy life.

Real adventure is about saying screw all that and enjoying life NOW.

Adventure is making awesome new friends in bizarre places – sharing tea with a strange looking local or quirky new travel companions. Travelling hard all day, helping each other out of the trenches, getting dirty, cold, wet, scared, bloody, sometimes crying but surviving regardless. Most importantly, laughing so much it hurts. Its about presence of mind.

Busted and bruised limping into camp. Sometimes pushing your bike, sometimes helping someone else, it doesn’t matter. Breathing the fresh mountain air, smiling as your lungs work hard to get precious life giving oxygen. Being so hungry but enjoying foods alien to the senses. Sipping on a warm beer at the end of a hard days riding. Enjoying the aches and pains as your body becomes travel hard and saddle fit. Missing your family so much it brings you to tears. Dancing, playing guitar, singing, laughing and drinking like it is our last day on the planet and waking up to do it all over again. Then coming home to tell the amazing tales to your loved ones after a mentally and physically tough life-changing experience.

Most of us will never know how much discomfort and punishment we can really take. We are so much stronger than we know.

Pushing our limits, breaking down barriers and redefining our comfort zones is what makes us grow as people.

This is life and we are all in it together and adventure is life’s best teacher.

And doing it all on a cool, simple and old school motorcycle is the icing on the chocolate mud cake that is life.

I know this to be the truth as this is my life and always has been. I want the world to wake up and come and live it with me. This is my dream and I want to share it with the world.

Welcome to the jungle baby, coz one day your gonna die….