This is a Royal Enfield.

An anomaly in a world of soulless, mass-produced, plastic machines. Using no computer-controlled devices, each and every motorcycle is still hand-built with gut and devotion.

It’s a stark deviation from the usual, generically manufactured 10,000 bikes made by the rest of the world every hour.

Rather, it is a motorcycle that needs a week to be lovingly crafted and purposefully engineered from start to finish. Nuts and bolts are manually twisted and adjusted to the right specifications. The golden stripe on the fuel tank is hand-painted.

Even final testing is hands-on, the old fashioned way, by personally taking the bike on a test ride. This makes each Royal Enfield a unique and personal hands-on experience. So, what you get is not just another replicable machine, but a rare, handcrafted motorcycle that has character and soul.

Royal Enfield was the name under which the Enfield cycle company made motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines. The legacy of weapons manufacture is reflected in the logo, a cannon, and the motto “made like a gun, goes like a bullet”. Use of the brand name Royal Enfield was licenced by the Crown in 1890.

The original Redditch, Worcestershire based company was sold to Norton-Villiers-Triumph (NVT) in 1968. Royal Enfield Produced bicycles at its Reddith factory until it closed in early 1967. The companys last new bicycle was the “Revelation” small wheeler, which was released in 1965. Production of motorcycles ceased in 1970 and the company was dissolved in 1971.

Royal Enfield In India

Old School Adventure Motorcycling. Man (or woman) and motorcycle exploring the world. No glossy brochures, no smooth marketing dvds or celebrity adventure guides.

Would you like to sit around the pool of a 5 star holiday resort and talk to your buddies about accessorising your custom built cafe racer while sipping on cocktails and scrolling through your Facebook feed on your spy phone? Then this may not be for you.

We “organise” motorcycles expeditions to some of the last remaining wilds of the planet. Let us share with you these beautiful countries and their people before our western materialistic culture destroys the world.

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