Just returned from a taste of the tours put together by the aptly names 'Nevermind Adventure' guys. Why aptly named? Because from go to woah Matt and Bob imparted a sense of calm in a typical Australian 'She'll be right mate' manner. Ours was to be the one day taster where we headed out from the Geelong base, northwards up the Hamilton highway, before stopping for coffee, then into the beautiful Otway Ranges, before lunch at Apollo Bay and then heading back along the Great Ocean Road through Lorne and into Geelong to finish up around 4pm. Needless to say that the roads were fabulous and some of the Otways that I had not seen before were reminiscent of the Jurassic Park. There was a total of six of us on the tour and we were free to swap bikes whenever we wished. This allowed me to try three bikes including the RE Bullet, the RE Himalayan and a W800....all on fantastic roads with some great people. My understanding is that the guys use this one day tour to give you a taste of what the real adventures would be like. This is a brilliant introduction if you have done a formal motorcycle tour before, and I would strongly encourage that you give it a go. We are now eying off the Rajasthan tour for our holiday next year. Check out the videos....looks like it will be a real adventure!
Thanks again guys...


JI have been to India many times over the last 25 or so years and all these trips have been done solo with my wife and children. A couple of years ago I went to India with Nevermind Adventure on a bike ride. My experience was excellent and nothing was too much for Nevermind and the team in India. This small company is doing the world a favour by organising these fantastic unpredictable bike rides to India. In India rule number one is expect the unexpected - this is how life rolls in India. If you want the clinical experience of world travel then grab yourself a Continiki Tour and sit back and "enjoy" the bus ride with 40 of your new best friends..


I'm not one for words but...
When I first read what was happing and read the comments I was a little lost for words well WTF came to mind
Its taken me time to think about the trips I've been on ,coming up to number five in august.the people I've meet and the areas I've been,I can't write all I want to say
First I'd like to thank Matt Natonewski / Anna Natonewski for showing me that there are people in this world that care about you,welcome you and give you what they can even if they have nothing to very little, that family is the most important thing In life and we are all family
Nevermind Adventure is a company that takes you places that few people have been to see the wonders that India has to offer.the road is some times easy,challenging,hard,
WTF and why the hell am I here! And yes there has been tears,I have seen this on many a face I've ridden with in India.I've ridden from dark to dark once with out lights,been lost and found,slept in the dirt and on the floor because of slips,road blocks,cows,dogs so many Storys to be told over a cold beer or out on the road
I fell love with enfeilds on my first trip so much I bought my own. I've seen these bikes in the hands of great riders go places that I would of thought not possible for a road bike,seen them dropped,crashed and still ready to go but in truth these are the tractors of India and will go where you take them ,the mechanics that are on tour are amazing in keeping the bikes in the best shape that is possible for each days ride
The crew My brothers love these guys always do their very best to look after the riders no matter what we throw at them from being sick,bad manners to fucked attitudes.
These are adventures that stretch you no matter your riding experience.they have rides to suit all levels and all levels will stretch you as a person and a rider.its one of the best things I love seeing in people including my self,these are only a little of my experiences,every one has different ones and some find it hard but all come out better and all I've talked to would go back in a hart beat
Nevermind is a family people who worked hard to bring together a experience that you won't find anywhere else in this world and would be happy to recommend a trip that would suit you

Matt,Anna Nevermind family you have and always will have my support and I look forward to riding with you and the team also enjoying a king fisher at the end of a great day.



On the following Saturday morning when I fronted the desk at Tara Palace to settle the account the two young men there asked me my age. And then ?and you have been riding a motorcycle in India??. After that they said ?A man of 70 in India cannot walk?. We then had a discussion about pollution and global warming and where India and the world was going.

What a terrific trip. Thank you for your personal input, diligence and the conversations we shared.

Obviously, the group was not just a tour group but a group of people who do things. While it was hard work some of the time it was a unique experience and I learnt a great deal in a short time. As usual the interactions with the younger people like Big Ben were most enjoyable. The other stand out was Mick from Glenn Innes.

It is unlikely you will see me on a tour again, although I do have a few plans up my sleeve for the future motor bike treks in Australia.


Hi Damien

No doubt you are now recovering the from your two tours.

Hope you enjoyed the tour with your daughter as much as we did with our boys. We had the most amazing trip, what a treasure it was to share with our boys. Incredible memories, so much fun!!! We all particularly loved the little villages. The Indian people are just beautiful and those smiles can light up a room. As for the children, your heart just melts. That is one trip that will be hard to beat and we will talk about forever!!! There is not a thing that we would change, something for everyone, never knowing what was around the corner! Loved it!Hats off to you and the crew, everything was well organised, just perfect! It is hard to put the experience into words..."Just Do It" is all we can say to people.

We were really inspired by the little boy you look after and the school. The kids stole our hearts and would love to come back to help in the school. Over and above that, Neil, being a builder would be interested in helping should you go ahead with doing the new roof. Please keep us posted.

I will put some pics up soon. James will put together a video from all the go pro footage, will share that with you with its finished, it should be awesome.

Once again, thanks for the adventure!!!


Rajasthan Rampage..Luck was definitely on our side when we met the Nevermind crew at the recent Melbourne bike show. Fantastic crew, wonderful riding companions and a great challenge. Don't think about it, do it !! 5 stars


I can't thank you and the crew enough for the most amazing experience and holiday I have ever had. Nevermind has real put together an amazing bunch of people and are making dreams come true for so many likeminded people.

I hope I have the opportunity in the future to travel again with you guys. I felt I was in safe hands and shared some great experiences with the most fabulous of people.

Please pass on my gratitude and thanks to Matt, Anna, Pete and the team. Look forward to doing another adventure soon.


I've just got back from one of the best things that I have done in years.

I would like to thank you for a wonderful adventure with some truly inspirational people. The Indian crew were fantastic dedicated people and I really can't fault any of them.

Loved riding the Royal Enfields and were continually amazed at their ability to soak up extreme punishment. Some of us are already talking about about the possibility of doing another trip at some stage.

I also wish to thank Damien Roper for his leadership and easy going helpful manner.

A great trip.


Thanks for the follow up email. I hope you have settled into the real world well :). I'm having withdrawals and wishing the adventure had never ended.

I can't thank you and the crew enough for the most amazing experience and holiday I have ever had. Nevermind has real put together an amazing bunch of people and are making dreams come true for so many likeminded people.

I hope I have the opportunity in the future to travel again with you guys. I felt I was in safe hands and shared some great experiences with the most fabulous of people.

Please pass on my gratitude and thanks to Matt, Anna, Pete and the team. Look forward to doing another adventure soon.

Take care, thanks again.


Rajasthan with Nevermind.....

Coming to India for a tour with Nevermind has opened my eyes up very wide.... India is an amazing place and best seen from behind the handle bars of a Royal Enfield Bullet. These bikes are the tractors of the motorcycle world, they will go anywhere and keep on keeping on.

So far on this tour we have ridden back roads and stoped in Villages that don't appear to have every seen Caucasian people, this is evident from the crowds that from when we stop for Chai, these crowds are super friendly and you will find many just want to take a selfie with you to show their friends, roads that turn to sand through the desert and some very bumpy well worn roads full of locals travelling to and fro all the while dodging holy cows and other wild life or the amazing mountain road that winds its way up to a beautiful spot where we stopped for Chai and checked in with a young local boy that Nevermind looks after with school supplies, But whatever the changing landscape the Bullets chew up the miles leaving you with a sense of achievement and a big smile on your face.

We are only half way through this adventure and we are all looking forward to what is yet to happen.

Time to get out from behind the screen and start your adventure.


Hi Nevermind crew - just completed my adventure and it was truly amazing- from day one of the trip to my final ride it was challenging, scary and amazing- so thankyou so much- Andrew our leader would have taken a bullet for anyone of us- I can't understand how any staff member of Nevermind could be so completely prepared to put his own self at risk just to ensure a client is safe/comfortable/and enjoying the Nevermind experience to the fullest- Andrew is amazing and I thank him for my adventure- But I can't really explain it to others- my friends have no clue - about my experience- and I suppose that's what it was all about after all- it was MY Nevermind Adventure and not theirs- they need to do it themselves to experience it- I DID IT!!!!


How lucky was I . Lazy Sunday walking though Fremantle Markets ,Pick up a brochure in a leather Bag shop & it turns into the best Adventure God ever blew breath into ! I am a Rogue .& I will be back . Bob "Holiday" Sanders


Nevermind promised a trip full of twists, turns, pain and frustration and they lived up to their name. From day one we experienced the real India. Riding on the painful backroads enabled us to see places that tourists normally don't go. Thrills and spills were the order of the day but we bounced back up with a big grin on our faces, dusted ourselves off and carried on. I personally experienced more in the trip than most would in a lifetime. Great bunch of riding companions, great Indian guides/mechanics and fantastic chai stops just at the right time.

I would recommend this trip for anyone looking to move outside their box and experience India like never before. Top job and full creds for your support of the school in Agra.


I signed up and went on the October 2014 Rajasthan adventure It was a spur of the moment thing, I had never even considered going to India before and am a casual weekend rider on the wrong side of 50. Matt had a spare bike and I had my wife?s permission. Hey! She organised it, could have been dangerous.

I had one of the greatest experiences of my life

Here?s why........

Matt and his teams approach is relaxed and fun, but they were switched on and got us through any situation Because of this, I never felt like I was on a guided adventure. We were on an adventure together and these guys straighten us up as we went along (i.e. if you took the wrong turn)

On the road we lived and ate with the local Indian people, although I found it confronting at times (man to man belly dance!! Gulp), the guys looked out for us and the locals were friendly and generous (except if they were trying to sell you something!) Man I didn?t win the Baksheesh award for nothing - person most ripped off by Indian sellers, Bureaucrat?s and holy men

Sharing this trip with the other riders who had experienced the same tests and the same laughs but got through (I now consider them my friends) which was great as most of us joined the ride on our own

We had some amazing challenges and experiences on the road. We didn?t just visit the tourist traps and temples, we visited India.

The best thing for me was that every day, all I had to worry about was ?get on the bike and ride?. There where many tricky situations which of course I found exciting and sometimes bloody scary, but I wouldn?t change any of it.

My advice to you is........... Don?t think about it too much.....JUST DO IT!


To Matt and Naim, Nevermind Adventure

You have shown us all a land of extremes and contradictions. We have seen the beauty and the ugliness of humanity and been touched by it all. All this from the seat of these amazing Royal Enfields!! Beats the hell out of watching it all fly past from the window of an air conditioned adventure bus. You have delivered a real life adventure which felt more like a group of mates in a biking adventure (easy rider style) rather than a bunch of tourists. Definitely the trip of a lifetime. Nevermind a holiday - go on an adventure!


Matt you are a legend for pulling of an amazing adventure. I've experienced many things in India over 30 years of visiting the country but this ride has been an absolute cracker! with great people to boot. To Nevermind and team thank you for your friendship and particularly for showing us a side of India few ever get to experience. What you guys have done with the School In Agra to change the lives of entire families and loads of children is a wonderful achievement that will always be remembered. Thanks For Everything


This trip has been the highlight of all my travelling adventures. Having only recently obtained my motorcycle licence (1 week before the trip) I found the diverse riding at all stages of the trip fun, amazing and exciting. A few close shaves but this just added to the excitement. My only complaint...the trip was obviously far too short! Seeing the amazing school in Agra really gave it all a sense of purpose and was a real reality check for me. Hope to see you all again soon.


It starts out crazy and stays that way! Started as a crazy idea has become an experience very close to our heart that we will always treasure. Thank you very very much to Matt and Naim for your generosity and spirit!


I didn't know what to expect for this adventure but it far exceeded all of my expectations. India is an amazing country full of incredible extremes good and bad - the good ones are the ones the will stay with me forever. This trip was so much more than sightseeing, it was a group of amazing people on an epic journey. Matt and Naim made the adventure special for all of us.

Thank you so much.


It just goes to show that a great idea can turn into a fabulous reality if there is someone passionate to drive it (this applies to our biking adventure and the Taj Ganj School the boys run). I have been looking forward to this ride for nearly a year and the reality far exceeded my expectations, by miles!!

The bikes were great, the crew were great, and the gang were great. I hope to ride with Nevermind again soon. Thanks to the team for a truly great adventure.


From humble beginnings an idea was planted in our minds after meeting you at the Fremantle Market, an adventure like no other. The journey began. The past two weeks of motorcycling, sightseeing, partying, with new friends has been an amazing experience. The Nevermind team showed us the real India, and how to treat a problem as a grand opportunity, such as getting lost as an opportunity to explore new territory, amazing.

No grand mishaps, all alive and well, and a life enhancing experience. A huge thanks to you Matt for the organisation and professionalism shown at all times to create an incredible experience.


Incredible Adventure!! From the start the fun and action continued and on into the night the party continued. India is full of amazing surprises and endless laughter and great entertainment. Fantastic bunch to travel with, thank you all for being here and sharing your India with us.


Thank you for an incredible journey like no other. So very very happy for taking part and for actually surviving - will I do it again? Definitely - once the nerves recover! Great group of people, crazy maybe, but hearts of gold.


Dear Matt and the Nevermind boys,

First time to India! First bike adventure!, I have had a lot of firsts on this trip!

I will take many things home from India, some will be gifts, some will be stuff, but the best things I will take home are the memories of adventures never to be forgotten, especially meeting truly great people.

India was never my first choose destination but thanks to the Nevermind boys I now see I had been "blinded" by media and the rubbish people tell you. Never have I seen so much in such a short time. Thanks to all the team at Nevermind and I feel the best adventures are still to come for these guys.


Dear Nevermind

It has been an honour and a privilege to be part of this adventure of Rajasthan over the past few weeks.

I have been riding motorcycles for over 40 years now and though myself to be a pretty competent and experienced rider but never in my life have I ridden in such demanding and intense situations and challenging terrain.

I have been extremely impressed with the abilities and courage of my hosts and fellow adventurers, most who were complete strangers prior to the ride but have become great friends since.

I am extremely impressed with the efforts of Matt and Naim for organising an amazing life experience and showing us around the place they both love. They are an amazing team and great fun to travel with. In particular I praise them for their efforts and commitment and hard work they have invested in their other passion, the Taj Ganj Weclome School and its 100 students.

I salute everyone involved in this adventure and hope to ride with you all again soon, perhaps the Himalayas in 2015!. Stay safe, Stay upright.


Hi Matt,

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of your inaugural motor cycle adventure of India. I had a great time, there were so many firsts for me on this trip, going to India, riding bikes over such an extended period in some pretty hairy situations and meeting the gang.

What an amazing group of people, we came from diverse backgrounds but the spirit of adventure and comradery linked us together. Seeing the photos on Gareth's drop box reminded me of the amazing people and places we visited. Your personality bringing us all together during the trip was another huge part of the success of our adventure.

I was a bit crook on the trip getting used to curry and spices three times a day and my arse exploded at Bangkok airport, but after a course of antibiotics and rest back home I have recovered and am back on my bike again.

Life is sweet and made better by people like you and the Rajasthan gang.

PS I am trying to get some worthwhile footage from my go-pro, if I succeed I will send it to you.


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