Anna Natonewski

Anna has travelled the globe extensively has worked in the photographic industry in the UK, USA and travelled Europe, India and Indonesia by every means imaginable. Very few people know India as well as Anna and Rajasthan is her specialty. Anna studied teaching at Murdoch University in Perth and is a passionate motorcyclist, yoga student, photographer and traveler. Anna is widely known in the motorcycle social networks for her passion and stunning biker imagery, fundraising and charity rides and has been instrumental in inspiring and bringing hundreds of female bikers of all ages together from all over the world.

How many tours have you done? I have stopped counting but well over 20 to India and Vietnam.

Favourite tour? Rajasthan, the mix of riding terrains, culture, history and the people is better than anywhere else in the world. The food is amazing and it is just such a happy and fun place to restore your mojo for life.

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s? Udaipur & Jaisalmer. These two Rajasthani towns are like chalk and cheese, one a remote desert outpost and one is the city of romance and lakes. Both so beautiful and exquisite, you can roam the streets for months and still be left wondering.

Best packing tip for the tour? Tank bag, toilet paper, clothesline, I can just go on for ages and you just cant put a price on good comfortable riding gear.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding? Relax on the bike (chicken wing arms). Stand up for speed bumps ( Indian speed humps are terrible).

Next tour destination: Rajasthan October 2019. I am here now 🙂

Dream destination to ride: Everywhere and anywhere on a bike..

Funniest/Best tour story: on a Himalayan tour many years ago.... a customer got a little karma back. Every cow he came across he would slap its ass, or do something to the cow saying “Karma is an Indian cow”. This went on for weeks (it was an 18 day tour). On the last day in Rishakesh he walked up to a cow and grabbed its horn and said “Karma is an Indian cow” and the cow reared it’s head up then down and straight into his groin and up his board shorts - and did a little damage to his private parts. The moral of the story is don’t piss off the cows in India.

The best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: my Macna Impala jacket and Oxford Kevlar Leggings are the Bees Knees.... Super warm, windproof, waterproof and the best jacket I've owned. Legging are so comfortable, like wearing a part of track pants.

One thing to not leave home without: Noise-cancelling headphones for flights, crying babies will never annoy you again.

Anything else you would like to add: I absolutely love every tour, new people, new places so really I love all the tours. Rajasthan just stands out a little more because I know it so well. I work out of our Geelong shop so come in and have a coffee and a chat with me anytime:))

Matt Natonewski

Name :
Matt Natonewski aka Natas/Guru/MF

How many tours have you done:
2 - this week 🙂

Favourite tour:
Great Ocean Road - I really enjoy showing people around this area, the coastline and forests are amazing and like nowhere else in the world.

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s:
Kaza, Spiti Valley. So remote and untouched - Jump on a Himalayan Rumble and I’ll show you why it is so special.

Best packing tip for tour:
Magnetic tank bag, skipping rope, cable ties and turkish towel.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: Slow and steady always wins the race. And use the rear brake to steady when coming into corners too hot. Oh and always check your tyre pressures...and maximise space around you.

Next tour destination:
Great Ocean Road and Tasmania here in Australia and Patagonia, South America internationally.

Dream destination to ride:
Overland Delhi to Istanbul, North Africa, Russia's east coast.

Funniest/Best tour story:
Ah the Camel Safari story is always a laugh when our drivers assistant in India Viresh was accused of sexually propositioning a female rider whilst attempting to communicate to her that we would be taking a camel safari in the morning using charades (his English is not great) 🙂

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought:
My AGV AX8 is a winner at the moment due to it's super light weight and extremely pleasant lining. The only helmet I have used that feels good when putting it on and taking it off.

One thing to not leave home without:
Personal development, foreign language lessons or philosophy books, usually too many of them.

Anything else you would like to add:
If your at all concerned about the difficulty of doing one of our rides or your ability please do not let this stop you. Just book the ride and come and talk to us. We love taking people out of their comfort zones and love it when people push themselves and we will always get you through in style.

Frances AKA Emma Plunkett

Name: Frances, Frankie, Emma, Em, Emskie, Hot Dog.... To be continued. It's a never ending line of names.

How many tours have you done:

6, maybe more... I'm heading to Tasmania this weekend and then hoping to head to Patagonia in January. This is my fourth year with Nevermind.

Favourite tour:

It's like choosing your favourite child? Each location is dreamy in their own ways but if I HAD to choose... Rajasthan, oh Rajasthan! The cultural heartland of my dreams, Rajasthan was my very first tour in India so this magical place will always be close to my heart. the people, the food, the music, the history of the desert gypsies and the awe inspiring moments that leave your mouth open thinking "... this is fucking living Barry"

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s:

Bhenswara, Rajasthan.

I remember arriving into this village at around 3pm, it was a huge day of riding in 40 degree heat. Exhausted, dirty, struggling with a clouded brain but as we roamed around this small village, all of those feelings were pulled away. With every step I took, it's as though I had been placed into a dream I had once had... humbled by the smiling locals and the energised hearts. There were kids running, laughing, playing games with one another and yet the language was the only thing from it being foreign. The energy of this beautiful village, will stick with me forever.

Best packing tip for tour:

Coffee Percolator... Coffee is life, after Nevermind & riding of course.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding:

Well, for those that know me... I am a little, Irish in the way of my height (thanks mum) - when I first started riding the fact that I couldn't touch the ground with both feet, terrified me to be honest. It took me a while to feel comfortable on a bike, but with the help of some super amazing people I picked up a few vital pointers. Easy on the front brakes!

1. Learn to balance the bike.

2. The one legged sit. You don’t need both feet down. What you really need is one foot down on the high ground.

3. Before coming to a stop, gauge the where the higher level of the ground is and use this to your advantage.

4. Calm your farm, relax and go at your own pace.

If there are any shorter legends out there reading this, who are interested in getting their learners or wanting to build their confidence up. Let me know...

Next tour destination: 7 Day Tasmania 🙂

Dream destination to ride: South America to Canada ... or Egypt

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: The Falco Leather Boots - these boots have a bit of a heel which help me a lot! And are just super sexy boots, I tend to wear these even when I'm not riding.

One thing to not leave home without: Your sense of humour, if shit goes south it's just the universe gifting us with another story to tell our grandkids or dog. Those "bad" moments will make a more interesting person to talk to... 😉

Anything else you would like to add:

If you're reading this, you've got some kind of spark of desire... just don't let fear control your reality. Use the fear as fuel to push yourself, at the end of the day we're all just wandering around this planet wondering what the next best thing is that'll make us happy... guarantee if you book a trip with Nevermind, you'll stop worrying about the bigger picture and start living the life you always dreamt of.

One of the most amazing things about my job is witnessing the transformation in each individual that we have the pleasure of riding with, it's a real privilege to be part of that journey of growth. Nevermind is not just a motorbike shop ... It's, Nevermind, it's a family, a rehab, a life coach, a university, a community and a home that'll always have their front door open... no matter how many times you leave 😉

Tom I'Anson

Name: Tom I’Anson

How many tours have you done: 4

Favourite tour:
Tassie, i hadn't been there since i was a kid and was blown away by the amazing roads and scenery.

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s:
Anywhere with Burgers,nothing better than a juicy burger after a long ride.

Best packing tip for tour: Always pack extra "she'll be right mate" and wet weather gear.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding:
Visualise and attack, always have a clear picture of what you are going to attempt and commit 100% also ride within your own limits you can't be first if you're dead.

Next tour destination: Nepal- F*&K YEAH!

Dream destination to ride:
Trail riding in Canada/Alaska or all over the pacific north west US. Also race Finke,Hattah and do trips up north are on the bucket list.

Funniest/Best tour story: Slaying a classic 500 in the otways on the Nevermind Dirty weekend it's amazing what those bikes will do.

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought:
Good quality boots and a neck brace. i've smashed all my toes and nearly lost them on one foot so foot protection is now paramount - broken toes hurt like hell!! And just invested in a new neck brace after my last big off i thought i'd broken my neck which was scary.

One thing to not leave home without:
Common sense, which can easily be forgotten when you get excited on a bike.

Bryan Fitzgerald

How many tours have you done: 1 international and can’t really remember how many great ocean rd and tassie trips.. a lot!

Favourite tour: Nepal

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s ( and why): Muktinath it was an amazing view of the valleys and mountains of Nepal lots of kind people and things to see

Best packing tip for tour: Turkish towel or quick frying towel otherwise your bag becomes damp

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: no matter how often you ride you can always get caught out and taste the dirt

Next tour destination: Rajasthan or Vietnam

Dream destination to ride: Italy, mugello gp and isle of Mann

Funniest/Best tour story: leading a tour in Tasmania and having to chase my group through the mountains after the failed to see me at the servo

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: rst adventure 3 pant and jacket; strip it down to nothing in the heat, super warm when it’s raining and cold.

One thing to not leave home without: comfy clothes once you get off the bike to change into

Anything else you would like to add: no better way to see the world, cruising on a motorcycle.

And if your in the geelong area bring your bike into the store for anything mechanical I will sort you out 😊

Cam Marshall

Name - Cameron "Bubbles" Marshall

How many tours have you done: 7 tours total Rajasthan and Himalayas and quite a few here in Australia.

Favourite tour: 18 Day Himalayan Rumble. Without doubt the best ride in the world. I was fortunate to bring my father with me on this years ride. He travelled all the way from Canada and is well into his 60's. He smashed it!

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s: Udaipur in Rajasthan and Srinagar house boats in JK, Himalayas. They are sensational

Best packing tip for tour: Bring gastro stop and coloxil cause you never know if will stop or if it will go.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: Relax and ride to the conditions, create space.

Next tour destination: Vietnam and Nepal in 2020.

Dream destination to ride: Africa - Pick a spot, Lets go!!

Funniest/Best tour story: "Wakar is a madachute(motherfucker)" Matt was off his tits drunk on local whiskey and writing songs on guitar. Decided to make up a song about Wakar (our head Indian mechanic). Some locals came in and hooked into the Indian boys about being rude to Gora (foreigner) people and shouldn't teach swear words to the white people. There was some strong words exchanged in Hindi and then we partied on singing, dancing and drinking into the night. Such is Rajasthan...

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: My boots. I think everyone at some point gets wet feet. Except me.....Grab some Forma Adventure boots or something similar.

One thing to not leave home without: My fancy takes all fandangled travel plug charger thing. Its sick.

Anything else you would like to add: I've known Matt and Anna since Nevermind was in its infancy way back in Fremantle about 10 years ago. Selling leather bags on a table in the Fremantle markets and slowly building from there. They have the right persona and personality to make it work. They never gave up on it and always made it work, in true Nevermind style. They have shoestringed the business from day one and created an amazing unique motorcycle company from pretty much nothing. I have always considered myself to be pretty lucky to be involved in the amazing business as well as the school in India. I know this is supposed to be about us tour leaders but if it wasn't for Anna and Matt none of us would have had these insane, crazy life changing experiences and met all these cool people along the way. Come and check it out.

Bob Sanders

Name: Bob Sanders - Holiday Bob..

I’m a 23 year old with 40 years experience .Married( to a very patient wife) ,with 3 Grown up
kids from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve done 12 overseas trips for Nevermind Adventure and dozens of Great Ocean Road and Tasmania tours.

I have travelled overland through Africa,
The America’s ,Europe & the Middle East and was 19 years enlisted as a reservist in the Army Tank Regiment .(That was pretty trippy )!

Favourite Town: Jaisalmier, Rajasthan, India.

Best Packing tip: Spare gloves and lube (for my chain you fools).

Best riding buddy: My Wife.(Debbie).

Best riding tip: Target fixation. If you look at the rock, you will hit it. Look at the gap and commit. Look where you want to go, not where you do not want to go.

Next tour Destination: Patagonia, South America in Feb 2020.

Dream Destination: Russia or Istanbul. Maybe Cambodia or Iceland. Wherever Nevermind send me I will go, it is always great.

Funniest tour story: The time a sick rider told me me his stomach felt better, then he had an apricot juice & threw up in his helmet hahah. It was bright orange . I kept riding.

Best bit of bike gear: My New Harley and leather chaps.

One thing not to leave home without: A sense of humour and an open mind.

Anything else: I want to do a tour with Anna from Nevermind Adventure, She knows how to have a good time!


Georgia, George

How many tours have you done: Rajasthan and Great Ocean Road so far... working towards South America for 2021

Favourite tour: Rajasthan

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s ( and why): Agra had one of my favourite moments which was sitting on a roof top bar with views of the Taj Mahal and watching the sunset. All while drinking a cold beer and eating amazing fresh made pakora - it doesn't get much better than that.. my favourite city was Udapuir - just such a beautiful city, the views both nights from the restaurants were amazing, and definitely order the fresh pineapple juice from the street juice stall it is hands down the best drink I have had in my life!

Best packing tip for tour: Travelan is a god send (if in doubt to how your stomach will go, pack 2 packs!), and only pack half of what you think you need and make sure you include comfortable walking shoes because there are so many opportunities to go wandering and explore the towns.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: Look there, go there...

Next tour destination: Tasmania & South India

Dream destination to ride: South America, Spain and Isle of Mann

Funniest/Best tour story: Too many to try and narrow down; maybe getting lost in tiny little back alleys of Agra in a tuk tuk with Anna, or a foot race through the streets to try and beat the guys back to the hotel.

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: Bell Moto 3 and 100% Goggles - best combo for this trip, so many dirt roads but no dust in the eyes at all!

One thing to not leave home without: Comfortable boots

Anything else you would like to add:
You may not think you are up to it, but try it, you often end up surprising yourself ...

Dean King

Name : Dean King, Kingy

How many tours have you done: 3 in India. - South India, Rajasthan and Himalayas.

Favourite tour: Himalayan rumble

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s: Udaipur-Rajasthan, Leh- Himalayas, Ooty-South India

Best packing tip for tour: If you’re going on a supported tour I find it easier using a suitcase with caster wheels rather than bags or back packs.

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: In India, there is a flow to riding there, so be wary of wandering livestock and children. Use that horn, it's the clearest way of communication, just enjoy the organised chaos! Beep beep.

Dream destination to ride: Athens to Vladivostok

Funniest/Best tour story: Watching Viresh dance, the infamous Nevermind superstar. It’s hard to forget and it's hard not to join in...

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: Wet weather gear in Leh.

One thing to not leave home without: No matter where you travel to, always bring your man bag.

Anything else you would like to add: I generally go for vegetarian food in India, it's the freshest and tastiest vegetarian food you'll ever eat!

Ben Barton

Name: Ben Barton

How many tours have you done: 3 in India, 3 in Tassie and a dozen GOR.

Favourite tour: Rajasthan

Favourite town/stop on the tour/s: Pushkar

Best packing tip for tour: Tank bag and versatile jacket (hot/cold)

Best riding tip you have learnt from all your years riding: It's not if you come off but when - so wear the right gear.

Next tour destination: Patagonia

Dream destination to ride: Iceland

Funniest/Best tour story: That time I stacked it on tour leader training in Tassie....

Best bit of bike gear you have ever bought: Forma adventure boots as i hate wet feet!

One thing to not leave home without: Camera

Anything else you would like to add: Until you try traveling in a strange country on a bike you won’t know how much better it is then being stuck in a bus.