So you want to experience the epic Indian motorcycle adventure. See what all the fuss is about, ride classic Royal Enfield’s, see The Himalaya’s, taste the great foods and experience “Real” India. You jump online or have a look in your favourite rag and you are bombarded with adventure companies offering all of the above and more. What do you do?

With every backpacker that returns home to the comforts of the first world after an extended sojourn of India a new adventure company is born. Some have been operating 20 years and some only a few months, some are Indian based businessmen capitalising on the strong Australian dollar. There are hundreds of operators out there and once you get past all the bullshit marketing hype we all offer pretty much the same thing.

Warning, Nevermind is very different. Yes we are far cheaper and man will you experience “real” India but be prepared for a wild ride. This is not five star. You may find yourself sleeping out under the stars on a hammock outside a dabar (roadhouse), you may find yourself lost and riding through rugged unexplored regions but we do guaruntee your life will never be the same.

Not only do we give you far more than any other operator in the way of value and gifts to lure you in, we are the cheapest by a country mile and we are real people not just a fancy website. You can come and see us in Fremantle, ride our bikes and visit our charities in India. You will not find us in the papers, magazines and we don’t have a fancy website because this all costs big money and we would rather pass these savings onto our clients.

We are not going to hold your hand or guarantee your safety. What we do is dangerous and we make not apologies for that, living life is sometimes bad for your health.

We aim to give you everything we can to inspire you to come to India…….