Outback Nepal


The Search for the Lost Tibetan Kingdom – Upper Mustang Nepal

Upper Mustang Nepal – There is no place on earth like it.

Outback Nepal -The Search For The Lost Tibetan Kingdom

Exploring the Mighty Himalayas by motorcycle is what we do best. And Upper Mustang Nepal is about as good as it gets. Away from the tourists and traffic and hustle and bustle of the dusty plains of India. So far away from the rest of the world that you will experience true wilderness and remoteness, you will feel lost, you will feel alone and be aware of how truly small you are in the vastness of this planet…but ALIVE like never before.

This action packed itinerary has everything. You will experience the colours, sights, sounds and history of Old Delhi, ride through rural India into Nepal and chill for a few nights a the stunning lakeside Himalayan village of Pokhara. Then head deep into the mysterious interior of Himalayan, Nepal discovering its ancient secrets, its cultures and its beauty all the way to Lo Mathang – The Lost Tibetan Kingdom. The roads are as rough and tough as the locals but scratch the surface and you will be delighted by the hospitality and warmth of the region. The dusty tracks wind through the Annapurna Range surrounded by peaks over 8000metres high with crystal clear mountain streams flowing through the lush valleys. It is hard to believe that a place so dramatic, a place of such contrast can exist in this reality. The scale of the gigantic landscapes is unimaginable and you will be left with the impressions burnt into your memory forever. You can not travel through these places and not be left unchanged in some way.

Put this one on your fuck it list and just do it because bucket lists are for losers.

Level 3 Ride – Mixture of all road surfaces with a significant proportion of gravel roads. Recommended for intermediate level of rider and above. Not pillion friendly. Moderate to low risk of altitude sickness.

Looking for the ultimate Himalayan motorcycle adventure? Our Nepal ride will have you riding the most amazing landscapes and discovering untouched cultures. See this ancient culture before it is too late.

Tour inclusions (12 days 11 nights) start breakfast 9th May and end 20th May Dinner time (included)

Limited places available and just a few left so get in quick.


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Adventure includes all transfers within India (including airport), Royal Enfield motorcycle, luggage, fuel, spare parts, repairs, mechanics and tools, entry fees, entertainment, adventure guide, the best food in India (3 solid meals per day), and comfortable air-conditioned accommodation.

(Flights and personal insurance excluded)

Nepal – 9th May to 20th May 2020


We recommend pre tour arrival of a day or two at least to allow you to explore the cultural hotpot that is Delhi – visit Connaughts Place to do some bar hopping, or to find some great food, or head over to Khan Market for a browse of the shops, markets, and food available or head down into Chandi Chowk to the busy street stalls and vendors just wander and enjoy the people watching and vibrancy of this city– meet at Old Delhi Guesthouse no later than the night of the 8th (your own cost) for an early departure the next day for the start of your tour!

9th May – Day 1 – An early start to the day to head to Gorakhpur, the start of the ride .
Spend the night in Gorakhpur  

10th May – Day 2 – Head north into Nepal. Ride the dragon’s tail into the trendy and beautiful mountain enclave of Pokhara
The first of two nights in Pokhara

11th May – Day 3 – Chill out in Pokhara while the crew prepare permits and bikes for the gruelling ride ahead , enjoy the spectacular scenery of this lakeside city that is the gateway to the Annapurna region, visit the old Pokhara Bazaar, or find your way out to the Devil’s Fall, known locally as the Patale Chhango. This beautiful waterfall is located about 2 kilometres south-west of the Pokhara Airport on the Siddhartha Highway. Jump into a paddle boat on the lake to enjoy the view of the snow capped mountains, or if you would love a really good view Pokhara is also famous for its paragliding!
Spend your 2nd night in beautiful Pokhara

12th May – Day 4 – Hit the bush tracks deep into the Himalayan foothills stopping over at the Tatopani natural hot springs.
Spend the night in Tatopani

13th May – Day 5 – Continue on into the Himalayan wilderness and mountains reaching over 8000 metres via Johmson and Kagbeni. At 2800 metres above sea level Kagbeni is a treasure of a village that sits at the bottom of the Muktinath Valley which is scattered with abandoned settlements and irrigation fields, no one really knows when or why they were abandoned. With a fortress to wander around (and to ‘wonder’ about – no one knows why they have the large holes in the outer walls, while it has been surmised it was for defensive purposes they are an usual size for such) and enjoy the surrounding buildings that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, this is a village sure to bring your imagination to life. 
Spend the night in Kagbeni

14th May – Day 6 – Climb high up onto the Tibetan Plateau and be amazed at the vast and barren star wars like landscapes. Arrive at the Lo Mathang – The Lost Tibetan Kingdom – as you enter the medieval city you will feel like you are back in the dark ages. Enjoy the labyrinth of densely built whitewashed houses made of mud and stone. It is considered to be one of the best preserved examples of the Tibetan culture in the world.
The first of two nights in Lo Manthang

15th May – Day 7 – Free day to relax, rest and explore the Kingdom at your own pace. This region has barely changed since established by the Tibetan warlord Ame Pal in the 1380’s. Perhaps a race to the Chinese border if your not too exhausted from the past few days carnage.
Spend your 2nd night in Lo Manthang

16th May – Day 8 – The return journey with a twist via the infamous pilgrimage village of Muktinath – The temples and shrines of Muktinath are the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhists in the Himalayas.
Spend the night in Muktinath

7th May –Day 9 – Another stopover in Tatopani en route to Pokhara to break up the descent
Spend the night in Tatopani

18th May – Day 10 – Head off after breakfast in the morning to arrive into Pokhara in time for a stroll around before dinner 
Spend the night in Pokhara

19th May  – Day 11 – Ride from Pokhara back down to Gorakhpur on your way Varanasi
Spend the night in Gorakhpur

20th May – Day 12 – Pokhara back into the heaving spiritual mass of insanity that is India and one of the world’s oldest centres of civilisation – Varanasi
Spend the night in Varanasi

21st May – Return Flight to Delhi (not included) and back home unless staying on for more adventure!

Tour inclusions (12 days 11 nights) start breakfast 9th May and end 20th May Dinner time (included)

Limited places available and just a few left so get in quick.