Old School Adventure Motorcycling. Would you like to sit around the pool of a 5 star holiday resort and talk to your buddies about accessorising your custom built cafe racer while sipping on cocktails and scrolling through Facebook on your spy phone? Then best you leave this page now.

We “organise” motorcycles expeditions to some of the last remaining wilds of the planet. We shun the world of cafe racers and custom built choppers and care little for our hotels rating on trip advisor. We are here to see these beautiful countries and their people before our western materialistic culture destroys the world.

We do not have glossy brochures, slick marketing campaigns or sexy celebrity tour guides. We have motorcycles, we have remote unexplored territories and exotic cultures, and we have a sense of adventure. Its more than seeing, its about experiencing, being part of the landscape not merely a spectator.

You will experience discomfort, anger and frustration, you will sweat, you will get dirty, you will bleed, you will cry, you will laugh….You will live.

What we do guarantee is the most amazing experience any motorcyclist, well any person, could possibly ever expect.

Nevermind Adventure started over a few beers in the Deserts of Rajasthan by two bikers, one Australian and one Indian. Trying to think of ways to raise funds for our primary school in Agra and 100 students we decided that taking groups of bikers through India on Royal Enfield’s would be a great idea. Nevermind Adventure was born. Soon we were racing around India mapping out potential rides, sleeping rough at times and generally getting lost, sweaty, dirty and sick. Not much has changed. What are you waiting for?