I never used to be a lover of guided tours, I always imagined them as a massive hoard of 50 or more people being shepherded on and off enormous buses and having to shuffle along behind someone holding up a red paddle to lead us from point A to point B. And with all of those people comes long queues to get into things, and long waits to get back on the bus before being herded to the next location.

My idea of travelling is more free spirited gypsy style wandering and so for years I just went solo.  Loving my own way of traveling and all of the little alleyways I could find to wander down hoping to stumble across those sometimes elusive gems of either a little shop or cafe or obscure museum where you could find some unexpected treasure and feel the rush of exploration come to fruition.

It wasn’t until many years later I happened to end up on a guided tour as part of a work trip (I know right lucky me getting to travel for work) and what I discovered kind of shocked me…

The right tour, matched to the right person, for the right reason – is an absolute blast! I met amazing fun new people, I had more time to enjoy my travelling as I wasn’t spending it lost walking in circles trying to find my hotel , (which had often take me hours of first finding a cafe with wifi and then scrolling through all the options and finding a suitable option to even select as my gypsy spirit also didn’t like to book in advance incase I didn’t like a destination when I got there)

Touring with a guide meant no getting lost, no wasting my precious travel time and money when I only had a couple of weeks to squeeze the most out of a long awaited destination, no trying to work out where would be a good place to eat, or what would be a good thing to see ( including when was the best time to go and how to skip the queues!)

I also found that choosing the right tour and tour company meant I got to have my cake and eat it too with a mix of free time as well as all the benefits of someone else doing all the hard work for me.

Traveling solo – 

– Can be great when you want to travel alone the whole time

– You have an open ended time schedule – no return ticket or several months up your sleeve

– Don’t mind strapping all your luggage to your bike

– Have mechanical skills

– Have an extensive knowledge of the area you are traveling to and what you want to see and do

– All the above and plenty of time to kill and a flexible budget

Come with us if  – 

– You like value for money : the cost for 2 people on the spirit return for our current Feb/Mar dates is around $900 ( without taking into account the cost for a cabin on board – so add another $300 minimum if you would like a cabin each way)

– If you don’t want to spend 10 hours on a boat

– You get to turn up at the airport and throw your luggage into our support van and hop on your bike to enjoy the ride

– If you like the idea of having a support vehicle to follow you & mechanic on hand

– Meeting new friends & the sense of camaraderie that comes from riding together

– If you are new to riding and want an extra level of support/guidance or even just want to ride in a group, get some riding tips, know that you have support but can still ride at your own pace

– If you have been riding for a long time and would like to explore some of the epic roads we have found over 10 years of riding in Tasmania ( we have done all the hard work for you finding the best roads so you don’t have to wing it and hope for the best)

– Being taken to some of the best local gems in Tassie that we have refined over years of visiting this exceptional riding destination – fantastic guesthouses, quaint pubs, spectacular lookouts and fun things to do and see

– Want to ride with a group and end the day laughing over a beer with a bunch of like minded people that are on the same ‘bike high’ as you are

– If your time is precious and you only have a few days or a few weeks to try and get the most out of your time


By Georgia Lennon