Do I Need To Be Able To Ride A Motorcycle To Join A Nevermind Adventure?


The good news is as long as you are legal to ride then only limited riding experience is required for most rides and all rides can be ridden at your own pace.

So for both the novice and the experienced riders we certainly have fantastic itinerary options to provide a challenging thrilling ride through some of the most exhilarating terrain on the planet.

However if you would like to take a shorter local ride to get some practise we offer 3 & 7 Day full supported tours to Tasmania and we have a spectacular South India itinerary that is all sealed roads, weaving your way from Delhi to the ocean and back. Or Rajasthan that has you adventuring off into the beautiful country roads from Delhi to Jaisalmer to Jodhpur suitable for all levels of riding ability. 

All our tours have support vehicles and are relatively self paced meaning you can ride at your own comfort level and speed, it is not a race and all routes and itineraries have been carefully designed to allow plenty of time for rests and sightseeing so you don’t have to be worried about ever being left behind. 

Being able to try out the bikes and meet our tour leaders within Australia can mean you have a really great idea of what you will be up for when you arrive in a foreign land! So why not try before you buy!

We provide you with step by step help in everything you need to get ready to travel with a Welcome Pack that includes instructions on how to get your visa’s (where needed), what to pack, information about local tips and tricks, and we are always here to answer your questions via phone, email or in person leading up to your trip. 

If you are looking for 5 star luxury, sipping Dom Perignon by the pool this may not be the holiday you are looking for, although all of our eateries and accommodation are the absolute best available and our clients are always impressed with standard we are able to provide. If you are looking for unique local hotels hand picked over decades of researching these regions, genuine and authentic local experiences with people passionate about the culture, history, people then this is sure to be an amazing experience that you will never forget. Attitude really is everything in life, and getting to spend a couple of weeks with a group of people bursting with life, laughter and a sense of fun and desire to wring every great experience out of life they can is sure to have you arriving home forever changed.

We have a 3 Day Tassie ride on the 8th – 11th November on special for $995 at the moment and a 13 Day Rajasthan tour coming up on the 2nd February 2020 that is on special for $4990 when using the special code of ‘treatmenicely’ when booking online or over the phone at Nevermind HQ.