Every time I venture out wearing my Nevermind Leather manbag women keep ogling (google the definition) me like I'm some kind of sex object that they want to take off into some dark alleyway and sodomise , some even try to 'accidentally' brush pas

We are so glad to hear you like your manbag. This is a very common reaction to our products from the opposite sex and something you will just have to get used to. It is largely due to what we call the “Rickshaw Madness” and to find out more you will have to go online and download a free E book called “The Rickshaw Run Diaries” by our very own Matt Natonewski, the link is below.

The Rickshaw Run Diaries.

Within in its pages are hidden the ancient secrets of the ages that will free you of the madness.

Remember Tony that all of our leather products are handmade by a small family Irish gypsy fishermen in the central Sahara Desert in South East Tasmania . Driven mad by the poor desert fishing our now insane gypsies turned to leathercraft in order to pass the time. Over the centuries of making leather these gypsies have perfected the craft and turned it into an art form. This is why our products are so unique and so tough, there is nothing artificial or synthetic as these compounds simply do not exist in the harsh environments they are made.

Nevermind has a very close relationship with the gypsies and we work together to create our unique raw retro leather products. I personally do much of the design work from here in Fremantle and then travel to the desert to work with the gypsies designing new leather bags for our customers, always very late into the evenings as the gypsies get drunk, casting magic spells on each new item while dancing naked around the camp fire.

The leather itself is cured using a centuries old and non polluting method where the largely vegetarian dragon hides are soaked in salt water, unicorn urine and tree bark for up to 2 months and then dried in the desert sun. We have now starting using the baby dragon skins to make our leather in response to customers protesting against the use of rare Amorok, and the perception that it was somehow an inferior leather.

Therefore non of the nasty chemicals that are used in “proper” leather tanning to soften and preserve the hides quickly are required such arsenic or chromium. Whilst these chemicals speed up the process and soften the leather they also weakens the leather and this why modern leathers wear out, ours does not.

Some say it is the combination of mythical beasts and Unicorn piss that cause the animal attraction of the opposite sex. We reckon its just the hot looking designs, but whatever it is you are not going to find our products in any of the major departments stores anytime soon.

I like to buy Australian made as I am concerned that by purchasing a product that is not made in Australia our economy will suffer resulting in massive job losses. Is Nevermind Leather Australian made?

We believe in thinking globally and acting locally.

Nevermind products are very special in todays world. This is because every single item is made by a real human and not mass produced in heavily polluting factories that are fast destroying our planet. This significantly reduces our environmental “footprint” and ensures that our products are extremely tough regardless of where they are made; just like our people.

At Nevermind we feel that manufacturing in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner is far more important than location.

The fact is that it would be near on impossible to find a leather worker with six generations of master craftsmen experience behind them in Australia. And if we could find such a person it would make the product unaffordable for most. The way we do business gets a fair deal for all, from the leather worker to the sales staff and that gets you as awesome product at a fair price while employing Australians as well as supporting families in a rapidly developing nation.

At Nevermind our leather is all made by a real person in their back yard using a centuries old and extremely labour intensive leather tanning technique. We do not have a factory and do not use any nasty chemicals. We support dozens of small families through our business in both Australia and overseas and indeed support a small primary school that provides free education to about a 100 small underprivileged children.

You have a choice Tony, support local communities everywhere by purchasing products that are ethically produced regardless of where they are made or feed the machine by giving your money to the massive planet eating companies and shopping centres. Unfortunately as you well know Mr Abbot, our choices have consequences, each dollar spent pushes us further toward one or the other, nothing stands still.

So rest assured Tony that when you shop at Nevermind your funky new leather has been produced ethically and sustainably. No sweatshops or dirty polluting factories and you may just be educating the next generation of Mahatma Gandhi’s. We hope that you now understand that the Australian made issue is now irrelevant.

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