TRCM Services

Global Rescue?s program with Nevermind Adventures includes the following services:

  • 24/7/365 Medical Advisory Services from in-house critical care paramedics
  • 24/7/365 Security Advisory Services from in-house security operations specialists
  • Access to no-cost Medical Evacuations from the point of illness or injury to the Nearest Appropriate medical facility
  • No-cost medical repatriation (by commercial means) after three-days of in-patient hospitalization
  • Case management and emergency communications to your organization throughout operations
  • Medical case management in conjunction with specialists at the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations
  • Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury
  • Access to Global Rescue?s vetted network of medical Centres of Excellence
  • Assistance available regardless of activity, destination, or elevation
    Reduced trip interruptions associated with sick or injured group members
  • Travel Assistance Services including: Lost Baggage Assistance, Emergency Medical Relay

Nevermind Adventures is now recognized as a Safe Travel Partner with Global Rescue, providing all Nevermind Travelers with access to Global Rescue?s immediate medical assistance and evacuations services anywhere in the world. As a Safe Travel Partner, Nevermind Adventures has made a commitment to providing the best care and services to its guests, ensuring the highest level of care and support in the event of a medical incident or emergency.

All guests have access to Global Rescue?s Operations Centres by phone or email whenever they are traveling on a Nevermind Adventure trip. Individuals can call our Operations Centres to speak with security operations specialists, critical care paramedics and nurses to discuss any medical or security concerns they may have.

Global Rescue?s personnel have years of experience providing telephonic medical and security advisory services and coordinating medical evacuations from some of the most remote and austere areas on earth. In the event of a serious medical emergency requiring evacuation, Global Rescue with coordinate and pay for evacuations to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

For members that require in-patient hospitalization for three or more days as a result of their injury/illness, Global Rescue will coordinate and pay for repatriation by commercial air to the individual’s home country following their successful discharge.

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